Here are the reasons why over ten thousand families have chosen Safeguard removable pool fence over others ???

  • Safeguard patented self-closing walk-thru gate that is lockable with Magna latch system
  • Safeguard mesh is the next generation advanced see-through technology
  • The most transparent mesh fence in the world. 30% more see-through than others Safeguard mesh is pet safe.
  • Safeguard fence is constructed of super-strong climb-resistant interlocking mesh
  • Safeguard fence is made of 4 way complete reinforcement aluminum poles with 4 stage powder coated exterior
  • Safeguard fence comes in pre-assembled 15 ft lengths and can be easily shortened to fit any pool area
  • Safeguard fence is weather proof, rust proof with ultra violate coating
  • Safeguard fence is ASTM citified ( Certified by :American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • Safeguard removable mesh fence could be set up on any surface and configuration
  • Safeguard removable fence is removable in minutes BY ADULTS ONLY.
  • Safeguard pricing is affordable and we beat any other written estimates
  • Safeguards removable pool fence comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Safeguard mesh removable pool fence

For most swimming pool owners, safety and appearance is of paramount importance. Although current regulations ensure that all swimming pools now have safety fencing, many of the available designs do little to enhance the appearance of your pool and garden. The team at Safeguard Architectural will not only exceed the minimum safety requirements for your pool fencing, but can also offer a range of stylish pool fence enclosures to suit the look of any home in America. Safeguard removable mesh pool safety fence is the highest quality on the market and made in the USA. Safeguard self closing and key lockable gate is the strongest in the market and are being used by schools and daycare establishments. Safeguard removable mesh pool fence mesh is ASTM certified. Safeguard pricing is affordable and we beat any written estimate. Safeguard removable mesh fence could be set up on any surface and configuration such as concrete, grass, wood deck, pavers and more. Because our next generation pool fence is unobtrusive and transparent most pool owners rarely remove this safety barrier.

The next generation of removable mesh pool fence

Safeguard pool fence and gate hardware

Safeguard Magna-Latch locking system

MAGNA-LATCH safety gate latches are a revolutionary breakthrough in latching security for most gates around swimming pools, homes and other child safety areas (childcare centers). Powered by the latest ‘Permanent Magnets’ (which never lose power) these quality latches incur no mechanical interference to closure and so offer unprecedented reliability, safety and child resistance. All latches adapt readily to most new or existing gates of any material – metal, wood or vinyl. The Top Pull model is key-lockable for added safety

Safeguard uses Magna-Latch automatic self latch, key lockable weather proof locking system. "LIFETIME WARRANTY"

Safeguard uses automatic adjustable self closing hinges "LIFETIME WARRANTY"

Safeguard Poles

Safeguard poles are constructed of super-strong high quality aluminum poles and reinforced with 4 vertical structural support that will not rust or corrode. Due to this fact Safeguard pool fence is extremely lightweight and super strong.

Safeguard removable pool fence is being used by Schools and daycare centers all over California

Safeguard Mesh

Safeguard removable mesh pool fence is made from the next generation advanced super strong climb-resistant mesh with see-through technology. That's why Safeguard removable mesh fence is the most transparent fence in the world "30% more see-through than others"

Code Compliance

Safeguard pool fence has for years ensured that its pool safety fences are manufactured and installed to the most stringent safety directives. If your swimming pool is new, or you are fostering, adopting or starting a daycare facility and your pool has yet to pass an inspection it is always a good idea to research the exact code requirements for pool safety barrier height, material and installation. Although we will do our best to advise you of local requirements, but Safeguard can make no prejudgment as to the suitability of its barriers for the purpose of satisfying any authority and or agency.

Frame-less glass fence

Safeguard Architectural offers arrange of stylish frame-less glass enclosures to suit the look of any home and lifestyle

Removable pool fence

The America's safest pool fence

Wrought iron fence & gate

Safeguard ornamental wrought iron fence and gates are strongest in the industry