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leading cause behind the deaths of children below 5 years of age, especially in the cities of Florida, California and Arizona among other American cities. Baby pool fence, the second most safe and reliable method, after parent guidance and supervision, of ensuring the safety of your child, against swimming pool accidents and hazards caused while swimming. Drowning in swimming pools is regarded to be the

Why baby pool fence?

According to the government statistics, more than 1000 children die each year due to drowning in swimming pools, both commercial and residential. It is also the second most important reason behind both adults and children getting serious, life-threatening injuries and serious physical disorders. Also the pets of the house sometimes getA badly hurt or even die while they get drowned in the in-house swimming pool. Baby pool fences, hence have become an inevitable method of avoiding deaths and mishaps caused in swimming pools.

Baby pool fence becomes extremely necessary in your in-house swimming pools, especially if you have kids who have just learnt the art of crawling or can hardly manage to run around. Children at this age are quite difficult to manage and as a result, most of the swimming pool mishaps occur while parents might be engaged in a phone call, feeding the pet, doing household chores or any such work. This is the time when parents become negligent and the kid might run down to the swimming pool area and might get drowned into it within seconds. So, baby pool fences are one of the viable options for people who have in-house swimming pools since it acts as a barrier for kids and stops them from going too close to the water and also provides some mental peace to the parents.

Baby pool fence patterns Baby pool fence are available in a wide variety of colors, materials and designs. The most common and preferred is the removable mesh type swimming pool fence which is easy to install as well as uninstall. This type of fence is mounted on pre-fabricated aluminum poles which are corrosion resistant and extremely durable. These poles are extremely light weighted and can be carried around easily from one place to another. Most of the baby pool fence manufacturers and suppliers provide the customer with both standard as well as customizable swimming pool fence options. However, one important thing that the customer should keep in mind about the baby pool fence is its height, as specified by the local government bodies. Also the fences should be erected in a place where there is no nearby wall or tree which can act as a support for the child to climb over to the pool area. Apart from the baby pool fences, you can also set up self-locking gates before the swimming pools to ensure higher safety.

One can find a long list of local as well as international suppliers of baby pool fences over the internet or can check any of the local stores for finding a baby pool fence which would suit your needs and requirements.

  1. Safeguard Pool Fencing. Swimming pools whether constructed in-house or in commercial areas have always been an accident-prone zone, especially in American states like Florida, California and Atlanta among others. Every year these cities witness the death of more than 1000 children, aged below 5 years. Many adults also are seriously injured and suffer life-threatening health problems due to accidents and mishaps caused in and around the swimming pools. In order to avoid such mishaps and deaths of small kids due to drowning or other tragedies, Safeguard pool fence is a must for all residential as well as commercial swimming pools.

Why Safeguard pool fencing?

Safeguard pool fences are extremely important in houses which have kids who have just learnt to crawl or can somehow manage to run around. This is because children at this age are generally very naughty and it becomes difficult for the guardians to always maintain a strict vigil on them. As a result, there is always a higher chance of kids below 5 years trying to climb over or run over to the swimming pool more often than not. So, Safeguard pool fence acts as a defence for guarding children from going too close to the swimming pools. Not only in residential swimming pools, children might drown or face an accident even while trying to learn swimming at any of the clubs, so all commercial swimming pool owners must also install safeguard pool fence for greater security of kids.

Safeguard pool fencing Guidelines

The installation process and guidelines of setting up a safeguard pool fence is slightly different in different parts of America. So before you decide to buy and install a baby guard pool fence, always remember to check the guidelines laid down by the local governing bodies for installing a swimming pool fence. However, there are certain common guidelines which need to be followed while installing baby guard pool fence, which are as follows:

These are some of the general tips that one needs to follow before installing a Safeguard pool fence. Apart from these, there are specific guidelines for separate American cities specified by the local governing bodies. These Safeguard pool fences are quite easy to install and can be done individually or with the help of professional installers. They need to be properly maintained and updated so that the safety of kids is ensured. Just visit any of the local baby guard pool fence supplier shops and buy a fence which matches your needs and requirements.

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With the number of mishaps and deaths caused by drowning becoming a common scene in major American cities like California, Arizona and Florida among others, more and more local governing bodies have made the installation of pool barriers compulsory. According to government surveys, more than 1000 children below the age of 5, die due to accidents caused at the swimming pools, mainly at residential ones. Also the survey reports suggest that children up to the age of 14 years and even adults incur serious injuries due to mishaps caused at the swimming pools. Therefore, pool barriers are becoming extremely important to ensure the security of not only small kids but also teenagers, adults as well as pets.

Why pool barriers?

As per the extensive research conducted by the government bodies, most of the accidents occurring in the swimming pool area, involved kids aged between 1 to 3 years. 77% of the tragedies occurred when children were found missing for about 5 minutes and most of these accidents, about 65% occurred in residential swimming pools. So, in case you are planning to construct or buy a new house with an in-house swimming pool always remember to install a pool barrier at the earliest to ensure the security of your child's life. Pool barrier Guidelines

Some of the general guidelines that have been prescribed for installing pool barriers include:

Apart from these general guidelines for pool barriers, there are specified regulations for different cities. So, if you are planning to install a pool barrier, then do check the specific guidelines as per your region and area.

Pool barriers Designs

The pool barriers are quite easy to install and are available in a wide variety of colors, materials, design and patterns. While most of the suppliers have certain standard pool barriers, whereas they also provide customers with the option of customizing according to their needs and requirement. In case you do not wish to install the pool barrier on-your-own, you can ask professional installers to assist you.

Although pool barriers are reliable means of avoiding swimming pool mishaps yet nothing can replace the safety offered by parent vigilance.

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Safeguard pool fencing is one of the most essential and extremely important part of your planning kit, when you are planning to construct a swimming pool in your house or for commercial purposes at places specially meant for kids. Death of small kids and children below 5 years caused due to mishaps occurring at the swimming pool is the number one cause, according to the government statistics. As a result, you need the assistance of pool fence installers for installing a swimming pool fence with great safety and expert handling. Pool fence installers are readily available with most companies that supply the swimming pool fence kit and most of the time the installation is done for free or for a minimal cost.

Pool fence installers Job

The job of a pool fence installer is that of great responsibility and duty since he needs to ensure the complete safety of many lives, while installing a swimming pool fence. The first and foremost job of a pool fence installer is to closely verify the place of installation, then determine the line and length of holes and fittings and then finally start the installation process. Once the installation process is completed by placing the rods and tying the mesh or poly-urethane or other type of fence material, the pool fence installers need to check the strength and durability of the fence. The pool fence installers need to be well aware of the specified length of poles and openings by the local government officials and make the fittings closely based on those guidelines only. The pool fence installers also need to provide the complete guidelines and explain the process of uninstalling, maintenance and other details to the elders of the house. They also need to inform them about the safety tips that would prevent swimming pool related mishaps and inform them about emergency exit policies and first-aid tips as well.

Do-It-Yourself Pool Fence

In case you do not want the assistance of pool fence installers, then you do have the option of installing the swimming pool fence, all by yourself, since most of the kits have self-explanatory steps of installation. The first and foremost thing you need to know before buying a swimming pool fence is the guidelines specified by your local governing body about construction of swimming pool and installing swimming pool fence. Once you buy the pool fence installation kit, remember to measure the holes with a marker pen before starting the drilling process. After drilling the holes, place the door first and then start adjoining the other latches of the fence. Most of these swimming pool fences are quite easy to install and uninstall as well and there are certain companies who specifically design these types of self-installation kits.

So, you have the option of choosing that whether you wish to receive the assistance of pool fence installers for installing your swimming pool fence or would like to do-it-yourself. Visit any of the local shops and check for the right kind of swimming pool fence kit that suits your requirements.

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Swimming pools located within the house premises is quite a common site these days, since people love to relax in the pools during summer and also it is an effective mode of remaining healthy and fit. However, a swimming pool within a house needs to be properly covered and guarded in order to avoid kids, toddlers and pets from accidentally falling or drowning in the swimming pool. pool fence Los Angeles was designed keeping in mind this very thought of providing safety for all your loved ones.

Los Angeles pool fence Regulations

At present, though there are no federal laws related to swimming pool fence effective in America but some states like California and Arizona have set up their own laws. These states witness the highest number of accidental death of children below 5 years due to drowning or accidents occurring in the swimming pool. As a result, these states have set up their own laws and regulations for installation of a pool fence. According to the Pool fence Los Angeles law, the pool fences need to have a minimum height of four feet above the ground and they should be installed outside the house premises under the clear sky, away from any building or tree for support. These types of laws are made to ensure higher safety of children in Los Angeles using the Pool fence Los Angeles.

Pool fence Los Angeles Designs

Pool fence Los Angeles is available in a wide variety of size, design, material used and color. While the height of a pool fence generally varies between 3 and half to 5 feet inches, it is mandatory for all to install a pool fence of minimum four feet length. While wooden and removable mesh type fencing is one of the most common and popular materials in demand for pool fences in Los Angeles, you can also choose your own customizable pool fence. The removable mesh type fences are mounted on aluminum poles which make them corrosion resistant and the light-weight of these poles makes it easier for the user to handle them. The high quality rust resistant aluminum used in the poles adds durability and strength to the whole structure. The Pool fences of Los Angeles are available in a wide range of colors as well like brown, black, white, tan, blue, green and others.

The pool fences should not be bought as a stand-alone piece; rather one should also install self-locking gates at the entrance of the swimming pools to ensure higher safety of children and pets. These self-locking doors help parents to have some mental peace while their kids might be playing around the swimming pool zone.

Pool fence in Los Angeles is not only about ensuring the safety of children and pets, but it also helps in increasing the aesthetic value of the entire swimming pool. The easy installation procedure of these pool fence Los Angeles makes it a favorite with all and these can easily be removed when the kids are not around, so that the beauty of your swimming pool also remains intact.

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Every year the American cities of California, Florida, Atlanta, Orange County and others report the death of more than a 1000 children due to mishaps occurring at the swimming pools. Also many adults incur serious injuries and sometimes near fatal death accidents due to swimming pool accidents. In order to prevent such accidents, the local authorities have made swimming pool fences Los Angeles, a compulsory and inevitable part of swimming pool construction. Everybody who plans to build a swimming pool for his residence or for commercial purposes has to install swimming pool fences in Los Angeles for greater safety and security of all; adults, small kids and pets. Copyright 2010 Safeguard Pool Fencing - Blog

Swimming pool fences Los Angeles Rules

The local authorities in Los Angeles have laid down certain mandatory rules for swimming pool construction which need to be followed by all and which are as follows:

Swimming pool fences Los Angeles patterns

The local manufacturers and suppliers of swimming pool fences of Los Angeles are well aware of these guidelines and hence design the safety fences depending on these government specified rules. However, all these suppliers also allow you the freedom to choose and customize your swimming pool fence according to your requirements and choice of material, color and structural pattern.

Tips for swimming pool fences Los Angeles

Apart from installing swimming pool fences, Los Angeles one needs to follow some quick tips to avoid swimming mishaps, especially if there are kids at your place. Firstly, try to keep an eye on the kid whenever he is at the pool and also make sure that the gates to the pool are never open. Never keep a toy near the pool since it might tempt the kid to enter the pool. Never leave your child alone even if he knows swimming and always keep life-saving equipments handy.

By following these simple yet effective tips and installing swimming pool fences Los Angeles, you can provide better and greater security to your loved one and avoid mishaps.

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Swimming pools are one of the best and ideal places for relaxation with family members during summers and also provide you with an option of enjoying a sea-side experience right in your house. Swimming pools might be commercial or residential but they must be properly constructed and guarded to avoid accidents. California is a place which witnesses the death of over 1,000 children every year due to swimming pool mishaps. Pool fence southern California, as a result, has emerged as a viable and ideal solution for tackling these kinds of mishaps.

Pool Fence Regulation California

Every year, not only children but also adults die or suffer life-threatening injuries due to the lack of proper fencing and uneven construction of swimming pools. As a result, the official bodies of California have laid down certain regulations which state the exact guidelines for the construction and maintenance of a swimming pool, both commercial as well as residential. As per the regulations, a swimming pool or any structure which contains more than 18 inches of water must be properly and completely enclosed with a fence measuring at least 60 inches in height and not less. Even spas and hot tubs should have a proper covering over them when not in use in order to avoid any kind of mishap.

Southern California Pool fence Design

The pool fence suppliers of southern California, hence, design swimming pool fences keeping in mind the regulations laid down by the government authorities. Even constructors of swimming pools also follow the norms laid down by the government bodies or else they would be facing severe penalties. Nowadays, one can see various sizes, colors, patterns and materials used for manufacturing swimming pool fences. You can choose from a wide variety of colors like white, black, steel, green, blue, brown or other designer colors like beige, sea green and others. The most preferred material for swimming pool fences are the removable mesh swimming pool fences which are easy to install and maintain. They are extremely light-weight and can be carried around easily from one place to another.

Pool Fence in Southern California

Pool fence in southern California has become an important and indispensable part of swimming pools. More and more people are becoming aware of the safety of children, pets as well as their own lives and are installing these pool fences for greater security of their loved ones. Apart from Pool fence southern California, people are also opting to install self-locking gates and kid locks to make sure that kids and pets remain safe from the swimming pools. Also, the baby-sitters and grand parents are taught to remain cautious about kids playing around the pools. The government bodies have requested the citizens that they must teach the basic medical steps and first-aid tips to avoid sudden mishaps.

You can search any of the internet sites to know about your local pool fence supplier Southern California and order a fence which suits you needs and requirements but do remember to follow the guidelines and tips stated by the government authorities.

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Swimming pools, whether commercial or residential, are not only ideal places for exercise and relaxation but also are one of the major reasons behind deaths of small children as well as adults. As per the government statistics, more than 1000 children die each year due to mishaps caused in the swimming pools. This is one of the primary and essential factors behind installing child safety pool fence Orange County as these fences ensure the safety of your child's life and also prevent sudden mishaps. Deaths or serious injuries caused to adults in swimming pools are also quite common in American states of Florida, California and others.

Pool fence Orange County Rules

The state authorities of Orange County have laid down certain guidelines and methods to be followed before installing a child safety pool fence Orange County. As per the guidelines in California Code of Regulations, any swimming pool (residential or commercial) has to be enclosed by a wall measuring not less than 5 feet. The bottom of the enclosure has to be within 2 inches and holes or openings should not be more than 4 inches. If you are planning to use chain like frames, then the openings should not be more than 1-three fourth, when measured horizontally. The gates and doors to the swimming pool should have self-locking facility and those should open outwards always. Moreover, you should ensure that there are no walls or railings nearby, which the children might use to climb over to the swimming pool. Anything which might serve as a ladder for the kid should be avoided while choosing the frame and structure of child safety pool fence in Orange County.

Pool fence Orange County Designs

There are various designs, materials, colors and patterns available for child safety pool fence Orange County. The most common and preferred pattern is the removable mesh fence type, which is quite light-weight and yet durable. It can easily be shifted from one place to another and hence is ideal for both commercial as well as residential swimming pools. You can choose from a wide variety of colors ranging from blue, black, green, silver, white and other designer colors as well. The child safety pool fences of Orange County are quite durable, easy to maintain and handle and hence are a viable option for avoiding swimming pool tragedies. Most of the suppliers of child safety pool fence, Orange County provide you with an option of customizing your swimming pool fence according to your requirement, apart from the standard ones. Some of them also offer attractive packages and sometimes offer free installation or maintenance for a year as well.

Child Safety Pool Tips

Although the child safety pool fence Orange County are safe and reliable means of ensuring your child's safety, yet people in the house should be made aware of certain first-aid tips as well, to avoid serious injuries, in case some mishap occurs. The baby-sitters must be made aware of the installation and function of the swimming pool fence and self-locking gates, to ensure higher security for small kids and pets.

In case you wish to buy a child safety pool fence Orange County, remember to check the guidelines made by the local authorities, properly before installing a fence.

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Swimming is one of the most relaxing as well as enjoyable sport for most people and as a result, most of them either prefer to enroll in a swimming pool or build one at their own residence. Having an in-house pool however, gives an additional benefit of enjoying the comfort and luxury of a sea-beach, even while you are at your own house. However, the construction of a swimming pool must be done very cautiously as it is one of the most common places, prone to mishaps and accidents. As a result, pool fence Orange County is an essential part of swimming pool construction in Orange County, California.

Pool fence Guidelines Orange County

Orange County is an attractive tourist place which is frequented by people all year round due to its proximity to Disneyland. As a result, the place witnesses a huge influx of tourists all year round apart from its natives. Some of the tourists plan to visit the nearby pools with their families and Orange County is one of those places which witnesses a huge number of swimming pool accidents. In order to avoid these tragedies, the local official bodies of Orange County have laid down certain guidelines for pool fences Orange County, which are as follows:

Pool fence Orange County Types

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of options available for determining the color, material, framing and design of swimming pool fences in Orange County. In terms of color there is a wide variety of options to choose from ranging from white, blue, black, green, silver and many others. In terms of material, you can choose from wooden, partial glass, mesh type or others. Most of the pool fence Orange County can be customized according to the need and requirements of the customer. The pool fences in Orange County are quite durable, easy to install and maintain, cost-effective and reliable means of avoiding swimming pool accidents.

So, if you are planning to construct a swimming pool then do remember to install a pool fence for your as well as for the safety for your loved ones and check the guidelines before installing a pool fence Orange County.

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Swimming pools within the house premises is fast becoming a fashion with most people today, as more and more people are now becoming health conscious. Swimming pools constructed within the house therefore, becomes one of the most natural and obvious choice of staying healthy. However, if you have small kids and pets at your place, then a swimming pool fence is undoubtedly, the most important thing you need to buy while planning for the in-house swimming pool. Swimming pool fence is one of the safest and reliable methods of ensuring safety of children and pets from the swimming pool, since they might accidentally fall in the pool, at any moment.

Swimming pool fence types

Swimming pool fences which are constructed above the ground are one of the most and safest means of ensuring child safety. These fences are positioned all around the fence and generally have a height of about 3 and-a-halves to 5 inches. The swimming pool fence is available in a wide variety of materials like:

Out of these, the most common and popular ones are glass fence and removable mesh pool fence. The removable mesh fence is generally available in three broad categories-premium interlocking and standard .

Swimming pool fence designs

The swimming pool fence can easily be installed on any kind of surface like wood, acrylic, tiles, brick pavers and seawalls. The most popular type of mesh, although is the clear view or see-through polyester meshes, mounted on poles made of aluminum or fiber glass. The poles are made of rust-free and corrosion-resistant reinforced aluminum, so that they remain durable for a longer period of time. Powder-coated colors are used in order to avoid peeling, chipping and scratching. These poles are divided into sections which are generally of twelve feet and can easily be rolled up after use. These poles are generally very light-weight, weighing around ten or eleven pounds and hence can easily be handled by the elders of the house.

About Swimming pool fence

Swimming pool fence is available in a wide variety of colors ranging from brown, grey, blue, silver, white, red and a variety of others. The most preferred color is however, black with most of the customers. Most of the manufacturers of Swimming pool fence provide customers with an option of customizing their swimming pool fence according to their own choice and requirement and some of them even offer free installation.

Swimming pool fence information

Apart from the swimming pool fence, you can also install self-locking gates and child proof locks to ensure greater safety of children at the swimming pools. This is extremely important since as per government surveys, most of the child accidents in different American states occur due to kids falling in swimming pools while parents are involved in some other activities. In order to avoid such situations, it is always advisable for you to install a proper swimming pool fence and ensure the safety and happiness of all your family members, including your pets.

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Whether it's a backyard oasis or the gem of the community park, a swimming pool is a great place for summer fun. But it's important to remember that swimming pools can be dangerous, especially for children. " Safeguard your Pool "

According to the 2000 US Census, children ages 1 to 4 are more likely than any other age group to die from accidental drowning. Most of these drownings occur in residential pools, often in the child's own backyard. Many parents are unaware that toddlers can drown in as little as an inch or two of water. As children get older, they become more confident in the water -- sometimes too confident. Older kids may fool around, try fancy dives, and put themselves at risk.

Alarmingly, it can take as little as 20 seconds for a child to get into serious trouble, according to retired Coast Guard Commander David Smith. In one close call that occurred in the state of Washington, a 7-year-old boy nearly drowned in the space of a few minutes at a church camp swimming pool. The boy had insisted on going to the pool even though he didn't really know how to swim. His father and two of his siblings had started off toward the water, and his mother was applying sunscreen to her daughter's shoulders when her son trotted off behind his father.

With her daughter in tow, the mother headed off for the pool. She met her husband along the way, but her son wasn't with him. "By this time, I got a really bad feeling in my stomach," says the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous. Although the incident took place in 1995, she recalls the moment as if it were yesterday.

When she arrived at the crowded pool, she saw her son's socks, shoes, and shirt, but not the boy. She knew something was wrong. She walked the perimeter of the pool, looking in, but still couldn't see her child. Then a teenage boy climbed out of the deep end and ran toward the lifeguard, who was chatting with friends. Instantly, she knew what was happening. "It's probably the worst feeling in the whole world you could possibly have," she says.

The mother later learned that her son attempted to do a cannonball dive and had hit his head on the diving board. Unconscious, he had sunk to the bottom of the pool, and no one noticed. Chemicals had recently been added to the water, and the pool's bottom wasn't visible.

The lifeguard dove into the water and pulled the child to the surface. He was unconscious, his skin blue. The lifeguard began efforts to resuscitate the boy, who was quickly evacuated by helicopter to a children's hospital. There the mother was told that her son's chances of survival were no better than 50 percent. In a coma for six days, he miraculously made a full recovery.

What can I do to prevent drowning?

First and foremost, never leave a child unsupervised in or near a pool. Even 20 seconds is too long for a child to be alone in the water.

Learning how to swim is the best defense against drowning. The National Safety Council recommends that children begin taking swimming lessons at 3 years old. Even if your child knows how to swim, an adult should always be present to supervise. And as the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) says, if you can't swim, don't float. Nonswimmers who use rafts or other personal flotation devices can become separated from them and drown.

Parents can help prevent drownings by preparing themselves for an emergency. Those who have a pool -- or who take their children to pools, lakes, or the ocean -- should know how to swim, how to pull a drowning child from a pool if no lifeguard is present (see below), and how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The American Red Cross recommends CPR training for any person in charge of caring for a child.

To prevent children from entering a pool area unsupervised, the USLA says, Must install a Safeguard Pool Fence with self-locking gates that is at least least 4 feet high. Safeguard Pool Fences could prevent an estimated 50 to 90 percent of childhood pool drownings, according to the Children's Hospital of Orange County, California. And while childless pool-owners may see no reason to erect a protective barrier, neighborhood children can easily wander into areas where they shouldn't.

For extra safety, the Red Cross recommends a few additional precautions:

Even with these precautions, parents and pool owners need to check regularly to see if the pool fence has deteriorated and to verify that the locks are still working. In a recent tragic incident, a 3-year-old boy drowned in the backyard pool while his mother was making dinner. Though the pool had a fence around it, investigators found holes that a small child could squeeze through. The lock on the sliding glass door leading to the backyard was broken.

While pool covers may sound like a good idea, owners should not depend on them for protection. They are not adequate substitutes for fences, because children can drown in the small amount of water that collects on pool covers.

Pool drains can also be hazardous to children. Pumps draw water from a pool drain through suction, and suction increases if the drain is blocked. For that reason, children should never go near such drains, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, to avoid any possibility that they could become trapped underwater by the drain's suction.

The National SAFE KIDS Campaign urges parents to install multiple drains in pools to minimize the suction at any one location. Drain covers should be secure and have no cracks, and you should know where to locate the manual cut-off switch for the pool's pumps, in case of emergency.

How can I tell if a child is drowning?

Children who are drowning may not be able to call out for help. Watch for these signs of trouble:

What should I do if a child is drowning?

The Red Cross recommends keeping a long sturdy pole or a plastic ring buoy attached to a rope by every pool. If a child is still conscious and able to grab hold of something, you can quickly pull her to safety. If you don't have any lifesaving gear handy, you may be able to improvise with a towel, a pool noodle, or just about anything else a child can grab onto.

Even if you're a strong swimmer, you shouldn't jump into the water yourself unless you've been trained in water rescue -- or you just don't have any other choice. Swimming with a flailing child is no easy task. Because a panicked child may grab you around the neck, always attempt to turn him around in the water so that you can swim holding him facing away from you.

After removing the child from the water, take the following steps:

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